General Specimen Preparation

General Specimen Preparation

Collect and deliver specimens for testing into the correct collection containers.

Follow any specific instruction as indicated in the sample types of various profile screening listing and test listing.

Clinic name and/or doctor’s name must be clearly indicated on the lab request form.

All specimens submitted to the laboratory must be properly identified by indicating 2 unique patient indentifiers on every specimen tube, slide or specimen container submitted to avoid rejection. The acceptable identifiers are patient’s name and one of the following:

• NRIC/Passport Number
• Date of Birth or
• Assigned identification number (ie patient number or case number)

Please PRINT patient’s particulars and tests to be ordered clearly on the laboratory request form to facilitate the ordering and testing processes by the laboratory.

All specimens should be properly sealed (e.g. capped firmly or screwed tightly) before transportation to the laboratory. Do not submit specimens in syringes, regardless of whether the needles are attached or not.

Place the request form and specimen containers, from a single patient, in an individual specimen. Do not combine different patients’ samples in the same bag.


For Anti-HIV1/HIV2 (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) test, please indicate patient’s Nationality,NRIC Number (for resident) or Passport Number (for non-resident) on the request form.

Please note that a minimum of 5mL plain/SST blood (individual tube) is required for HIV testing.

If the patient is a foreign national, must indicate whether the patient
(a) is a Singapore permanent resident; OR
(b) holds a work permit, long term social visit pass or a student pass; OR (c) is applying for a work permit, long term social visit pass, student pass or permanent residency

Equivocal/Reactive results must be confirmed by the National HIV Reference Laboratory (subject to additional charges) as stipulated by MOH regulations.


For Malaria Parasites (MP) test, please indicate patient’s Nationality on the request form as stipulated by Ministry of Health  (MOH).

  Note (3):

For Dengue NS1 Antigen, or Dengue Blot (IgG & IgM Antibody) test, please indicate patient’s address on the request form as stipulated by National Environment Agency.