Clinical Outpatient Laboratory Reports

Clinical Outpatient Laboratory Reports

Laboratory test reports are usually completed within 24 hours upon receipt of the specimen. The reports are delivered by our despatchers on the next trip to the clinics or within the next working day. 

Some tests are not completed within 24 hours. Some are performed only on the scheduled days. The profile reports comprising these tests will be reported and delivered to the clinics only after all testing is completed. 

Partial profile reports will be printed only upon specific requests made to our Client Services. 

The following profile reports are reported daily and delivered to the clinics within the next working day in general: 

  • General Screens
  • Antenatal
  • Other profiles such as:

    • Anaemia
    • Cardiac
    • Lipid
    • Liver
    • Pre-Op
    • Thyroid
    • Work Permit