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RA FACTOR (IGM) - TTSH Rabbit epithelium Rabbit meat Rabbit, serum proteins Rabbit, urine proteins rAct d 8 PR-10, Kiwi rAlt a 1 (Alternaria alternata) rAna o 3, Cashew nut RANDOM URINE PORPHYRIN - NUH Rape (Brassica napus) Rapeseed rApi g 1.01 PR-10, Celery rApi m 1, Phospholiphase A2, Honey bee rApi m 10, Icarapin, Honey bee rApi m 2, Hyaluronidase, Honey bee rApi m 3, Acid phosphatase, Honey bee rApi m 5, Dipeptidyl peptidase, Honey bee RAPID CLOSTRIDIUM DIFFICILE TOXIN - SGH rAra h 1 Peanut rAra h 2 Peanut rAra h 3 Peanut rAra h 6 Peanut rAra h 8 PR-10, Peanut rAra h 9 LTP, Peanut rAsp f 1 rAsp f 2 rAsp f 3 rAsp f 4 rAsp f 6 Raspberry Rat epithelium Rat epithelium, serum proteins and urine proteins Rat serum proteins Rat urine proteins RBC CHOLINESTERASE - SGH rBer e 1 Brazil nut rBet v 1 PR-10, Birch rBet v 2 Profilin, Birch rBet v 2, rBet v 4 Birch rBet v 4 Birch rBet v 6 Birch rCan f 1 Dog rCan f 2 Dog rCan f 5 Dog rCor a 1 PR-10, Hazel nut rCor a 14, Hazel nut rCor a 8 LTP, Hazel nut rCor a 9, Hazel nut rCyp c 1 Carp rDer p 10 Tropmyosin, House dust mite rDer p 2 House dust mite rDer p 23 House dust mite Red Blood Cell Count Red cedar Red Cell Indices (MCV, MCH, MCHC) Red currant Red mulberry Red snapper Redtop, Bentgrass RENAL BIOPSY - EM - NUH RENAL BIOPSY - IMP - SGH RENAL BIOPSY - LM - SGH RENAL BIOPSY PANEL - NUH RENAL BIOPSY -SGH Renal Function - Basic (Electrolytes, Urine FEME & Urine Culture) Renal Function - Basic (Urine FEME, Urine Culture, Uric Acid & Total Cholesterol) Renal Function - Comprehensive Renal Function - Comprehensive with Total Cholesterol, Uric Acid & Urine FEME Renal Screen - Basic (Electrolytes) RENIN (PLASMA RENIN ACTIVITY) - NUH rEqu c 1 Horse RESP SYNCYTIAL VIRUS CFT - SGH RESPIRATORY MULTIPLEX RT - PCR - KKH Respiratory Panel Multiplex PCR – FilmArray RESPIRATORY PNEUMONIA ANTIGEN PANEL -SGH RESPIRATORY VIRUS ANTIGEN PANEL 1 - SGH RESPIRATORY VIRUS ISOLATION - SGH RESPIRATORY VIRUS MULTIPLEX - SGH Reticulocyte Count rFel d 1 Cat rFel d 4 Cat rGad c 1 Cod rGly m 4 PR-10, Soy RH GENO ABO (NON-RESIDENT) - HSA RH GENO ABO (RESIDENT) - HSA Rheumatoid Factor rHev b 1 Latex rHev b 11 Latex rHev b 3 Latx rHev b 5 Latex rHev b 6.02 Latex rHev b 8 Profilin, Latex Rhizopus nigricans Rice RICKETTSIA SEROLOGY PANEL - NUH RIS COFACTOR - SGH RISCOCETIN COFACTOR ASSAY - NUH rJug r 1, Walnut rJug r 3 LTP, Walnut rMal d 1 PR-10, Apple rMal d 3 LTP, Apple rOle e 1 Olive rOle e 9 Olive Rose hip ROTA VIRUS ANTIGEN (EQA) - SGH Rotavirus Antigen Rough marshelder rPar j 2 LTP, Wall pellitory rPen a 1 Tropomyosin, Shrimp rPhl p 1 , rPhl p 5b Timothy rPhl p 1 Timothy rPhl p 11 Timothy rPhl p 12 Profilin, Timothy rPhl p 2 Timothy rPhl p 5b Timothy rPhl p 6 Timothy rPhl p 7 , rPhl p 12 Timothy rPhl p 7 Timothy rPla a 1 Maple leaf sycamore, London plane rPla l 1 Plantain rPol d 5, European paper wasp rPru p 1 PR-10, Peach rPru p 3 LTP, Peach rPru p 4 Profilin, Peach rTri a 14 LTP, Wheat rTri a19 Omega-5 Gliadin, Wheat Rubella IgG Antibody Rubella IgM Antibody Russian olive rVes v 5, Common wasp rVes v 1, Phospholipase A1, Common wasp Rye Rye-grass

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Test Name: cPass SARS-CoV-2
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