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Test ID: Horizon 106 Panel

Test Name:
Horizon 106 Panel
Test Code:
O H106CS A
Specialised Test:
No - Angsana
Turnaround Time:
14 working days
Test Schedule:
Test Type:
Send Out Test
Additional Test Note:

Horizon Carrier Screening helps couples determine their risk of passing serious genetic conditions to their child. It screens patients to determine their carrier status for up to 274 autosomal recessive and X-linked genetic conditions.


For details, refer to website: https://www.natera.com/womens-health/horizon-advanced-carrier-screening/what-it-screens/
Sample Requirement:

10 ml of Whole blood in EDTA (provided in Horizon test kit)

Fasting Requirement:
Fetal Maternal Health
Angsana Molecular & Diagnostics Laboratory
Last Update:
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