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Test ID: Anora - Miscarriage (TAT 14 working days) - AMDL

Test Name:
Anora - Miscarriage (TAT 14 working days) - AMDL
Test Code:
Specialised Test:
No - Send Out Test
Turnaround Time:
Test Schedule:
Test Type:
Send Out Test (Angsana)
Additional Test Note:
Anora helps determine why a miscarriage occurred. Testing performed on tissue from the pregnancy loss. Results can help explain why a miscarriage occurred and, possibly, whether patient is at increased risk for a chromosomal abnormality in a future pregnancy. For details, refer to website: https://www.natera.com/womens-health/anora-miscarriage-test/clinicians/#pg-menu-tabs
Sample Requirement:
Maternal: 1 x 5 ml EDTA (Anora test kit) +Tissue: 1 x Cup (Anora test kit) *Multiple gestation pregnancies (POC from each fetus in separate cup labelled appropriately).
Fasting Requirement:
Parkway Laboratory Services
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