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Test ID: Angsana Comprehensive Inhalant Panels Bundle

Test Name:
Angsana Comprehensive Inhalant Panels Bundle
Test Code:
Specialised Test:
No - Angsana
Turnaround Time:
2 - 3 working days
Test Schedule:
Test Type:
Additional Test Note:
Cover 19 Inhalant Allergen from Pollen, house dustmites, epidermals, cockroach and Mold  Acacia, Bahia grass, Bermuda grass, Com, mon ragweed, Johnson grass, Melaleuca, Mugwort, Timothy grass, White pine, Blomia tropicalis, Cat dander, Cockroach-American, Dog dander, D. farinae, D. pteronyssinus, Alternaria alternata, Aspergillus fumigatus, Cladosporium herbarum, Penicillium notatum.
Sample Requirement:
Whole Blood / Plasma: 5ml plain tube or clotted blood Serum: 1.5ml (*up to 30 tests)
Fasting Requirement:
Allergy - Angsana Inhalant Panel
Angsana Molecular & Diagnostics Laboratory
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Specialized Test

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