COVID-19: Updates regarding non-COVID-19 tests from ParkwayHealth Laboratory & its Referral Laboratories

In view of the developing situation of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019), we will be sharing updates regarding ParkwayHealth Laboratory and its referral laboratories' non-COVID-19 test suspensions, turnaround time delays and sample requirements on this webpage.

For information on the coronavirus situation in Singapore, please visit the Ministry of Health website.

15 April 2020

Temporary Suspension of Parkway Laboratory Services' Genetics Test Services

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Suspension of In-house Genetics Test Services

Parkway Laboratory Services will be expanding our capacity in order to meet a further increase in COVID-19 testing in support of national efforts in tackling the pandemic. Many of our staff will be redeployed to accommodate a surge in demand for testing and to provide for a rapid turnaround for this test.


Hence, we seek your understanding that we will need to suspend all our in-house Genetics test services with immediate effect starting from 15 April 2020, Wednesday for Amniotic Fluid, Chorionic Villus Sample, Products of Conception, Blood and Bone marrow samples until further notice.


As we will not be facilitating send out tests, please send your samples to the following laboratories during this suspension period. Please contact them directly for more details regarding their services. Their contact details are listed in the table below:



Contact Details:

  • KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital – DNA Lab (for QF-PCR)
  • KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital – Cytogenetics Lab

(for Karyotyping)

+65 6394 1395/6

+65 6394 1392


Singapore General Hospital – Cytogenetics Lab

+65 6321 4650

National University Hospital (via NRL)

+65 6777 0349


Facilitation of Existing Send Out Tests to Continue

We will continue to facilitate our existing send out tests (iGene, LabCorp – MaterniT Genome/Plus, Natera -Panorama, Lucence Diagnostics, VCGS - Microarray). If the bundled option for one of the prenatal send out tests is ordered and a confirmatory test is required, we will cover the cost incurred for the send out to another laboratory.

13 April 2020

Singapore General Hospital: Updates in Molecular Laboratory Tests (Human papillomavirus PCR test and Enterovirus PCR)

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The Molecular Laboratory Section of the Department of Molecular Pathology is currently experiencing very high workload due to the COVID-19 testing and we will need to ramp up our testing capacity urgently in the coming weeks to meet the nation's needs. We had previously informed you on 11 February 2020 of the suspension and delays in turnaround times of several of our tests and this is a further update.

Human Paillomavirus PCR test
  • HPV testing for primary screening of cervical cancer will be suspended with immediate effect until further notice.
  • We will continue to perform HPV tests for patients under follow up due to abnormal cytology results or cervical cancer management. The turnaround time will be delayed to 21 days.
Enterovirus PCR
This test will be sent out to the KK Women's and Children's Hospital with immediate effect.

9 April 2020 

Lucence Diagnostics: Temporary Suspension and Turnaround Time Delays of Test Services

Download Lucence Diagnostic's letter here

Email from ParkwayHealth Laboratory:

Lucence Diagnostics (Lucence), one of our send out test referral laboratories, has informed that they will be suspending and delaying turnaround time (TAT) for certain test services as they will be deploying COVID-19 testing to assist with the current national situation starting from 13 April 2020 (Monday).


In order to ensure that samples reach Lucence before the suspension of tests, Parkway Laboratory Services cut-off time to receive samples (only applicable for the tests that will be suspended) is by the end of 9 April 2020 (Thursday).


The last day Lucence will be receiving samples for the suspended tests is 11 April 2020 (Saturday), with cut-off time for sample receipt at Lucence's laboratory being 12.00pm. Any samples for the suspended tests received thereafter will be rejected.


The details of Lucence test services that will be suspended or have their TAT delayed temporarily with effect from 13 April 2020 (Monday) are as follows:


Suspended tests


  1. NPC Gold™
  2. Bundled Express Service
  3. Tissue500™
  4. TissueHALLMARK™
  5. TissueMARK™
  6. Tissue PD-L1 Triplex™
  7. LumiRISK™, LumiRISK™ MLPA and LumiRISK™ Family Variant


Tests with TAT delayed


  1. LiquidSCREEN™ Lung - TAT is adjusted from 2 working days to 2 - 5 working days


They will continue to provide their flagship liquid biopsy tests: LiquidHALLMARK® (TAT unchanged: 8 working days), LiquidMARK™ (TAT unchanged: 8 working days), HemeMARK™ (TAT unchanged: 10 working days) and LiquidSCREEN™ Lung (TAT extended: 2-5 working days).

29 March 2020

Email from Health Sciences Authority Blood Services Group: 

Download the full email here

There is a need for the hospital laboratory to determine if processing of the samples is time-sensitive and critical to patient safety as we would prefer if the patient is confirmed negative or has recovered from the Covid-19 infection before the samples are sent to us. 

However if the case is urgent and blood has been approved for the patient, we would not hesitate to accept and process the sample. Do also inform us prior to sending the sample.

As for the requirements of packaging, you can follow the MOH guidelines (MOH Circular 17/2020) on the handling of these samples.

3 March 2020

Letter from Singapore General Hospital Haematology Laboratory: 

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In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Haematology Laboratory will be making some minor changes to the laboratory tests we offer after considering the safety aspects of the sample handling and processing. The changes below pertain to suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases only.  

We continue to offer the following tests:

The service of the following tests will be affected:

Note: Please contact A/Prof Tien Sim Leng or Dr Tan Chuen Wen to discuss further if the request is deemed urgent and will significantly influence the clinical management of patients.

11 February 2020

Singapore General Hospital: Suspensions of Tests and Changes to Turnaround Times (TATs) of Tests for Molecular Laboratory

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The Molecular Laboratory Section of the Department of Molecular Pathology is currently experiencing very high workload due to the testing of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) (currently offered only to Singapore General Hospital and other SingHealth hospitals). We have also extended our opening hours to accommodate the testing and to provide rapid turnaround for this test.

As many of our staff are now working on the 2019-nCoV testing, we regret to inform you that we will need to suspend several tests and make changes to the turnaround times (TAT) of other tests with immediate effect. These are shown in the tables below:

A. The following tests will be suspended until further notice:

B. The following tests will have changes to their turnaround times until further notice: