Professional Benchmark

Professional Benchmark


With CAP (College of American Pathologists) certification for AMDL’s laboratory facilities, we have benchmarked ourselves to the highest standards of laboratory accreditation, which is trusted by clinicians and patients internationally. CAP is the world’s largest professional body composed exclusively of pathologists certified by the American Board of Pathology. It serves more than 17,000 physician members. CAP is internationally recognized as a ‘gold standard’ for clinical laboratories.

AMDL is licensed by the Ministry of Health, Singapore, under the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act 1980 (Chapter 248).


Unique Customer Experience

We aim to provide timely reporting (2 weeks or less) for our signature ArcherDx Fusionplex and Variantplex NGS cancer panels, as well as Idylla rapid single gene tests. We are the only private laboratory in Singapore with an accredited molecular and anatomic pathologist who provides a personalised diagnostic concierge service, including answering and discussing interactive queries from referring physicians. These will be conducted for the purpose of advising the clinicians on the actionability of novel genetic findings, which can guide the clinicians in their treatment plan for their patients.


Quality Assurance

Participation in proficiency testing under the CAP laboratory accreditation framework ensures reliable and accurate results.